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Road Traffic Lawyer for commercial vehicles

Choosing a Road Traffic Lawyer - Edinburgh

We are massively successful in the Edinburgh courts and have an extensive knowledge of the processes and many of the legal personnel involved. we have helped if not thousands of people in Edinburgh and surrounding areas save their licence, reduce their penalty points and give sound legal advice.

Although the majority of road traffic offences are relatively minor in nature, a conviction resulting in disqualification or penalty points, or both, can unfortunately have disastrous consequences to the individual concerned. Many of our clients approach us seeking immediate legal assistance because their livelihood and as a consequence their family life are in jeopardy, and we are all too aware of the misery that this can cause.

The team at roadtrafficexperts.com take pride in being able to help everyone who instructs them. The advice we provide initially is completely free. We offer this service because it is important for us to ascertain the exact details of the charges raised against you together with your account of what took place, as well as your personal circumstances. We should then be able to tell you immediately, the likely outcome in the majority of cases.

Other cases will require detailed investigation and scrutiny of the prosecution case, including the technical hardware that they use, the procedural framework that the Police adopted in their investigation and prosecution of your arrest, and the probing of professional witnesses such as the Police and medical doctors. We at roadtrafficexperts.com have developed a flair for identifying fatal procedural irregularities and omissions in the preparation and the prosecution of the Crown case. We promise you that we will leave no stone unturned.

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